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4-18-2023 – New Blog Post – Three Wheels and a Bumper Car

4-9-2023 – Easter Blog Post – Peter’s Perpective

4-1-2023 – New Blog Post – Two Mullets and a Mascot

3-13-2023 – New Blog Post – From Abduction to Action

3-5-2023 – New Wil Clarey landing page and first chapter of book one posted.

2-26-2023 – New Blog Post – Exciting Writing in the Nifty Fifties

2-21-2023 – New Blog Post – Not All Who Wander…

2-11-2023 – New Blog Post – Love Is…

2-4-2023 – New Blog Post – Southern Magic

1-28-2023 – New Blog Post – Hope in Paradise

1-21-2023 – New Blog Post – Route 655

1-15-2023 – New Blog Post – Close Encounters of the High Voltage Kind

2022 Christmas Story is now posted!

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