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10-4-2021 – New Blog Series and Post – Tales From the Copier – Haste Makes…

9-20-2021 – New blog post – A Lack of Religion at Dawn.

9-6-2021 – New blog post – Close Up – PSL

8-29-2021 – New Blog Post – Close Up – Clarity

8-23-2021 – New Blog Post – Close Up – What Makes a Hero?

8-15-2021 – New Blog Post – Close up – Under Pressure

8-8-2021 – New Blog Post – Close Up – What’s It Worth

7-31-2021 – New Blog post and the beginning of a new series – Close-Up. Try to guess the photo.

7-20-2021 – New Blog Post – The Opposite of Love

2-28-2021 – New Blog Post – A Father’s Love.

2-13-2021 – New Blog Post – A Little Romance

1-30-2021 New Blog Post – Love in the Midst of the Hard Knocks

1-21-2021 New Blog Post – The Word Is Love

12-24-2021 New Page – Christmas Short Story

11-11-2020 New Blog Post – Old Dog New Tricks

11-7-2020 New Blog Post – Am I Crazy? NaNoWriMo

11-1-2020. New Blog post – Can an Old Guy Write YA?

10-16-2020. New Blog post and new video at The Wandering Pen.

8-11-2020 Wonder what Reymons is about? The new Reymons page gives a brief teaser into the story line.

7-21-2020 Check out the new page “Who is Wil Clarey for a little insight into my number 1 character. Also – coming soon a Reymons page!

5-22-2020 Book Naming Contest! – see details in the Wil Clarey blog!

4-24-2020 New post in my main blog – Read it for confessions of a killer (of a story character).

4-12-2020 New video at The Wandering Pen. Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter

4-4-20 New posts at each of my blogs including a small excerpt from Wil Clarey: School of Hard Knocks!

3-21-2020 – New video premieres at noon today! Find it here! Also working on a new blog that has an excerpt from my editing of Wil Clarey – School of Hard Knocks.

1-2-20 A new update in the blog! New year, new projects! Also check for new links.

11-2-19 Started a day late but diving into NaNoWriMo. Check out my latest project at https://nanowrimo.org/ Look for Reymons

9-6-19 New post on Wil Clarey blog – Dark, Cold, and “Tired”

8-25-19 New blog – Frozen Fingers – lesson learned from a forgotten jacket.

6-25-19 New post on Wil Clarey blog – Inspired by a Ninja.

5-13-19 Spring Time Pirate! Finally a new blog entry on the main blog.

4-12-19 I am at the 50th Annual Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference! New post on my main blog. Also, If I directed you here to see a writing sample of Wil Clarey: A Kerryville Summer, go here: http://www.wilclarey.com/2018/05/first-two-chapters-of-wil-clarey.html

4-1-19 New blog post on Wil Clarey – What Do I Know?

3-22-19 At long last, a new post on the main blog! Been a bit overwhelmed lately so that is what I am blogging about today.

1-26-19 New blog post on main blog – Awkward Compassion. Click BLOG on main page.

1-20-19 New blog post in Wil Clarey with Chapter 1 of Wil Clarey: School of Hard Knocks!

Check out the posts both in the blog and the Wil Clarey Blog.  This site is still new and I am new to site building.  Your advice and recommendations are welcome.  Thanks!