Who Is Wil Clarey

Wil Clarey first appears as an 8th grade boy with High Functioning Autism (HFA) in the first book of the Wil Clarey series currently titled The Impossible Summer.

Wil likes playing video games, riding his bike, watching You-Tube, and eating pizza. He hates school and is terrified of girls.

He lives with his mom in the Los Angeles area when his mom’s new job forces him to stay with his grandparents on a farm in Virginia.

That turns his world upside-down.

His adventures that summer help him realize that his unique qualities help him to become more than he ever thought possible.

The Wil Clarey stories explore life as a teenager on the Autism spectrum with humor, drama, action, adventure, and even a touch of romance. Some of the stories are drawn from my own experience being forced to move from the San Francisco peninsula to rural southwest Virginia as a teenager. (The incident with the bull really happened).

School of Hard Knocks, the next of Wil Clarey’s stories is complete in rough draft. It follows Wil as he struggles with the concept of forgiveness both with bullying and with family issues.

In The Mystery At The Mill (title will probably change), Wil and his friends explore strange happenings at the long closed textile mill at the edge of town. This story is nearing completion!

If you are interested in finding out more, email or message me about becoming a beta reader. Currently The Impossible Summer is awaiting a publisher.