About the author

Author, Husband, Dad, Man of Faith and Fun. That’s the tagline I use in my profile and it speaks a lot.

Author – I’ve been writing as a hobby since I was 16 and my high school English teacher, Mrs. Fender encouraged me. I’ve written several short stories and started several novels. One of those novels, Wil Clarey: The Impossible Summer impacted me enough to actively seek publication. As of this writing, that is an ongoing process. My other current projects are writing the speculative YA novel Reymons and editing book two of the Wil Clarey Series. The first draft of book three of Wil Clarey, Mystery at the Mill is complete.

Husband and Dad – I have four amazing kids and a beautiful wife that occupy my heart and my time.

Faith – I am active in my church and have a faith that penetrates every part of my life. This is reflected in my writing though I do my best to aim my writing towards a general audience. My faith is more about a relationship with God than following religious rules. I am a man who has messed up many times but have a relationship with a God who forgives and brings life.

Fun – I have a quirky sense of humor that I hope is reflected in my writing as it is reflected in my life. We have a family that loves to laugh and I love to bring that laughter to others.