Reymons is taking shape! I have been getting more and more excited about how the story of Jon Trent and his companions is taking shape. It has been a lot of fun to write which will hopefully translate into it being fun to read.

Here’s a little peek into the story line.


Imagine you live in a world isolated from the outside. Not just stuck inside, but stuck underground.

In the 700 or so years since a world wide apocalypse, civilization has adapted to a controlled world beneath the ground and inside domes. The underground cities of North America have united through a series of maglev tubes built by the powerful mountain city of Reymons.

Life is good for the citizens of Reymons and especially for Jon Trent, a brilliant young man whose software has brought Reymons’ complex communications network under control.

Jon takes a little break from his work to attend a conference. When he joins his conference roommate on a little adventure, life turns upside down.

Suddenly banished from society and hunted for capital crimes, Jon and his companions set out on an adventure to find the object that eludes them, the truth.