Close Up – What Makes a Hero?

What is it? Read through to the end to find out!

I’m now afraid of wasps!

A few weeks ago, I was walking to the backyard with the mower running when I felt a sharp pain on my leg. I turned to look and saw nothing.

But I knew that feeling. I’d been stung.

A normal person who, like me, is allergic to bees and wasps would go right inside and take medicine.

I’m not normal.

I finished the lawn, went to the gas station, came home and only then loaded up on the Benadryl.

My leg blew up like a balloon. My leg still itches a little.

So, even though I drowned several nests in wasp killer, I hesitate each time I go to the side of the house.

Does that fear make me a non-hero?

What makes a hero?

The dictionary says it’s someone who is admired for courage, achievements, or noble qualities.

Or a type of sandwich.

What’s your definition?

Mine is simple – Someone who, despite obstacles or fears, acts for the benefit of others.

Keyword there is “acts.”

Who are the heroes in your life?

For me there was that lawyer who consistently took time from his busy life to lead a youth group and me when I was 16.

Then there’s that missionary who continues to serve in Honduras, feeding hundreds despite the loss of her husband to COVID.

I could also go way back to that great-uncle who lost his life in service to our country.

The list could go on and on. These people should be honored for their sacrifice and commitment!

But here’s the important take away from this for me:

What should I be doing to be the hero in other people’s lives?

Take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself, “Is there something I could give up in order to help others? Is there a fear getting in the way of me helping others?”

Keep it simple and then take it to the next step. Make the sacrifice. Do what it takes to move beyond your fears.

Be the hero that someone in your life needs today.

Feel free to share in the comments about those who are heroes in your life or what you will do to step up to that next level of boldness!

The photo, as you may have guessed, is Captain America’s shield, wielded here by my friend Sawyer to help make our church’s “At the Movies” series more memorable to those who attended.