Three Wheels and a Bumper Car

Glen Gordon “Gary” Davis, a used car salesman from Indiana, created the Davis Divan in 1947. Based on a custom three wheeled car built by then famous designer Frank Kurtis, Davis aimed to make it safe, innovative, and affordable.

Davis Divan at Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN

Davis’s ambition and ability to raise money was far greater than his ability to mass produce a car. After two years, his factory had turned out only 13 Divans before his investors and employees sued him for fraud.

Davis was a bit of a misfit.

I can relate.

Momma always said, “Remember, you are a totally unique individual, just like everyone else.” (She never said that, but it sounds better when I say it that way).

I’ve never felt like everyone else.

I’m an upper middle-aged man who listens to hip hop and bluegrass (Darius Rucker’s version of Wagon Wheel is playing as I type).

I love the culture of hospitality of the rural South and hippie vibe of Santa Cruz.

I like shooting but I’ve never been hunting and don’t have the desire to start.

I love cool and unique cars and drive a pickup and a minivan.

My pickup has Han Solo’s dice hanging from the mirror and a BB-8 in a hula skirt and coconut bra on the dash.

A Funko-Pop Bob Wiley (from the movie What About Bob) watches me type from his perch on my desk.

Am I normal?

One of several Tatras at Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN

I hope not!

My writing may never be more successful than the Davis Divan, but I’ll keep typing out these odd stories that pop into my head.

Maybe, like Gary Davis, I’ll find success where I least expect it. He took some of what he learned from the Divan and became a successful manufacturer of bumper cars.

Whichever way life bumps you, never give up on your uniqueness.

God only made one you. You might feel like you’re different than anyone else.

Celebrate your differences and contribute your uniqueness to history.