On Clint Ziemer

My friend Clint at a Merchant’s of Venus themed party, 1992

I once mentioned here that I visited a friend in Bloomington, IL and that was the closest I have ever been to Normal (IL). That statement wasn’t fiction. And my friend Clint was far from normal. He was extraordinary.

We first met at the church that met on the Bible college campus that he attended. He was soft spoken with an infectious humor. He and his wife Vi would have us over for games and conversation. We became good friends with them and others in our little gaming group.

As Christmas approached and the Ziemers planned on visiting family for the holiday, they had no need for a Christmas tree. A huge piggy bank covered with Christmas lights took center stage and the “Oh Christmas Pig” carol was born from Clint’s imagination.

In the midst of the fun and friendship, Clint brought a quiet wisdom and encouragement that helped guide me along the right path. He helped steer me toward attending the same Bible college. As a pastor in Bloomington, IL, he even opened his pulpit for me to minister from as a student.

Over the years Clint has been a fine example of a godly father to Jonathan, husband to Vi, and Pastor to Cable Community Church.

This last Tuesday he made the journey to heaven where his quick smile and quiet humor will add to the eternal joy there.

I’ll be sure to play a round of Merchant of Venus in your honor, Clint. Thanks for brightening my life!

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