This or That: Planner or Pantser?

I got a haircut today. I intentionally put on a shirt with my church name to make a natural way for me to invite the stylist to our “At the Movies” Series starting tomorrow.

You could say I’m a planner.

That spills over to other parts of my life.

A lot of times, I have almost as much fun planning a vacation as I do when I take it. I’ll spend hours researching the best deals, most interesting or fun activities, best places to stay, and so on.

I’m driving to California soon, and I’ve been busy checking gas prices along the route and finding the best motels to stay in. I’ve even calculated the cost per mile for gasoline versus E85.

I might be a little obsessive.

But there’s hope for the “pantser” (one who flies by the seat of their pants) in me. I always plan for flexibility. On every vacation, we make sure there’s at least one unplanned day that we can either relax or do something spontaneous.

I also truly enjoy spur of the moment games or movies with the family. Sometimes I even lay aside my plans so that can happen. This afternoon’s writing session wasn’t planned, but here I am, avoiding the yard work in 100-degree heat.

Is there a point to this spontaneous little blog?

Does there have to be?

Okay, the planner in me has to admit, my plan is to tell my fellow planners to chill. Some, if not most, of the best moments in life are spontaneous.

Of course, you need to plan to make time for them.

And, yes, I did mention “At the Movies” to our stylist (and to you, twice – click the link).

Now, excuse me while I do some more planning on my novel’s outline.

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