New Again

If you want to see me grumpy,

catch me as I’m loading the recycling bin outside. So many boxes to break down, bottles to empty and crush, and so on.

My wife, Janet, takes that to a new level. The recycling part, not the grumpy part. That’s just me.

Many an item destined for the trash or recycle bin has been intercepted by her. When we head to throw something out and hear “Hold up,” we know what’s coming.

What does she do with all those used up items?

She creates something new.

Yes, really.

She takes that left over packing material, cloth fibers, even shreds of plastic bottles, mixes them with paint and substrate and creates amazing works of art.

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you feel shredded, used-up, and ready for the trash bin?

I’ve been there.

There is an artist out there who can take the shreds of your life and make them brand new.

Instead of a used-up life that feels like it contains no value, you can become a valuable work of art bringing joy and hope to those around you.

That’s the point of Janet’s artwork. She models God’s restorative power in her work, sharing that hope to all who may see it.

If this blog seems like a shameless promotion of my wife’s art, it is.

I am not ashamed to promote the redemptive message in her art.

I shamelessly share that hope with you. May you experience that re-creation!

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