Happy New Year!

It’s true. I haven’t written much here.

But I’ve been writing!

Here’s a little of what’s been happening –

As you saw in the last post, I completed a Christmas Story! There’s a link to it on the last post here and on my home page.

Second, about six hours ago, I completed the content edit of Wil Clarey: School of Hard Knocks! That is cause for celebration! I am considering posting an excerpt from that.

I’ll be moving on to Reymons next. I’ve been developing some interesting ideas for that so I can hardly wait to get them into words!

Finally, I have launched a new website to go along with a Facebook Group. That is the Walk in the Light Bible Study.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible in a non-judgmental discussion forum, this may be the place for you. We’ll be reading the entire Bible in two years, highlighting and discussing verses as we go. You can find it at witlBible.com or search facebook for Walk in the Light Bible Study in Facebook Groups.

Don’t worry, I’m also working on

a new blog series

that should be fun and interesting.

Stay tuned!

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