Spring Time Pirate!

Yep, time has gotten away from me. At this moment, I have a few minutes to share what’s going on in this writer’s life.

If you were online and super attentive, you could have noticed a post a couple of weeks ago. When I discovered, ten minutes after publishing, that it did not post correctly, I took it down and did not have time to repost it. I’ll include most of that content in this post.

The super brief recap of the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference is:

  • It was amazing.
  • I learned a ton – especially about self editing.
  • I got home and got sick. I lost momentum to influenza.
  • Two publishers have expressed interest in Wil Clarey: A Kerryville Summer.
  • I have decided that I need to edit that manuscript further with the tools I acquired at the conference.

Then there is that “time pirate” called Spring. It has brought many good but time consuming projects. Since the conference, I have:

  • remodeled our powder room,
  • built a super heavy-duty bed to replace my son’s “heavy-duty” metal bed (that was broken in less than six months with his Autism related constant motion), and
  • started a Xeriscaping project in the backyard.
To get a bed that would stand up to a 14-year-old’s constant motion, I had to build one from scratch!
The beginning of our Xeriscaping experiment.

Blogging time was stolen by that swashbuckling warmer weather. Tonight’s sword fight with time won me back 45 minutes after editing to quickly get this out there.

The bottom line is – I am excited with how much better the novel is sounding! (better than this hasty blog). I am also a little stressed with how long it is taking. Mind you – not stressed enough to take any more time away from my family or to pay a landscaper. I appreciate your prayers and advice. And if anyone wants to come over and help in the yard… 😉

Editing the old fashioned way. It’s sounding a lot better!

There was one more part of the lost blog that I promise I will post soon. It will be a contest of sorts. Stay tuned and keep your editing skill sharp. Until then, enjoy the warm weather and family time!

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