Frozen Fingers

Most of you writers out there know that it’s hard to find time to write. It’s been a while since I finished the latest revision of Wil Clarey Book 1. At first I took a little break from writing. Then I got caught up in the busyness of work, fixing up the house and happenings at church. This last week I’ve been on vacation. Most of that spent with the family in Estes Park. Yesterday and today (the last day of vacation) my youngest daughter and I are camping at Lake Dillon. That brings me to the frozen fingers.

Have you ever planned ahead for something, gathered everything on your list, and then forgot the simplest thing? Yep, me too. Yesterday, in the heat of the early afternoon, everything packed in the truck, I managed to drive off without grabbing my coat.

It is currently in the 40’s here. I’m huddled under a sleeping bag at a picnic table while my daughter sleeps in the tent. The sun has just peeked over the ridge (Hallelujah – warmth!) and I am taking advantage of the early morning quiet to write.

This would be the point at which I’d say something about being sure that you don’t miss the obvious things in life. That’s certainly a lesson I could learn but that’s not where my mind is going today.

If I had remembered my coat, this wouldn’t have been the experience that it has been. If I’d remembered, we might not have spent time with the people in the next campsite around their roaring fire. Forgetting my coat gave us the experience of laying in our sleeping bags with our heads sticking out the entrance of the tent looking at the stars. It also put a memorable edge on the experience of climbing the trail at Mount Evans (from the parking lot to the peak at 14,265’).

Now, as the sun and my tea start to warm me, I look forward to one last day of relaxing. I’ll press in and work on my book proposal and building my platform soon.

Until then, if you forget the obvious, do as I’m doing now, relax and… chill.

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