The Wandering Pen and other adventures!

Why is there a paper airplane stuck in a camera on a tripod?

I’m glad you asked. But first an update –

In November, I got a good head start on writing Reymons. That’s my first novel idea from when I was 16 and in Mrs. Fender’s English class in the 11th grade. That was a long time ago. My writing was pretty terrible back then (enough to get me an A in that class). I restarted from scratch and through free-writing, I now have the solid beginning of what should be a fun and adventure filled YA novel. More on that in a later post.

Once Thanksgiving hit, I put the writing on hold. With all the activities of the holidays, I wanted to be sure to have time for my family. It has been a good season and I don’t regret the break from writing. Other than taking down the lights and a postponed family get together in Nebraska, I am done with the holidays. I’m now itching to get back to writing and platform building.

After I have this posted, I intend to create an outline for Reymons. While I enjoy free-writing and I will probably veer from the outline at some point, I want to be sure that I keep the story on track and moving along with action and suspense.

Are you still wondering about the camera and paper airplane?

Those were used in making the first episode of The Wandering Pen. That is a new YouTube channel that Hannah, my daughter, is helping me make. I am a rank amateur when it comes to that kind of stuff but it’s fun and it will improve as we get more experienced at it.

The first episode explains why we are doing the channel in a funny way. Okay, a big part of why it is funny is because I am a terrible actor. The paper airplane was featured in the first chapter of Wil Clarey: a Kerryville Summer. We’ll see where it goes. I’d love your input for ideas for future episode ideas.

I have also revamped another ongoing practice of mine. For the past five years, I have posted a daily Bible reading on Facebook. I have started posting short original devotionals or comments with each day’s reading. If you like reading the Bible or are just curious, feel free to join the group by searching “North Metro Life Journal” on Facebook.

While I try to avoid New Years resolutions, I do promise that this will be a season full of new blogs, videos, writing samples, and maybe a contest or two. Stay tuned…

One thought on “The Wandering Pen and other adventures!

  1. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your scripted adventures, brother! May this year be fruitful in all aspects of your life.


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