I Must Confess

I must confess.

I just killed someone.

They had to go.

I admit that the flames may have been a bit much, but I needed the drama.
After all, they say, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.”

For the very first time, I killed a character in one of my books.

Don’t worry, the gang in Kerryville are fine.

I went into my writing session tonight determined to trim the character list in Reymons. It had gotten too complicated to write dialog that the reader could easily follow. That’s the very reason I stopped writing that story and turned to editing Wil Clarey: School of Hard Knocks.

At first, I was just going to delete a character. I then realized that Reymons need a bit more drama with its fast-paced action. The Young Adult (YA) audience won’t put up with a book that doesn’t engage the emotions.

The challenges that come with writing for different audiences are daunting. I had one of my daughters read a section of Wil Clarey that I had just written. Her confusion showed me that I had to paint the scene a little more clearly for the younger reader.

For YA, I know that gripping scenes that pull the reader into the middle of the drama and action are what turn pages. My hope is that Reymons becomes a book that the reader cannot set down.

If any of you wish to be a test reader for sections of Reymons or any of the Wil Clarey books, email me. Anyone who brings constructive criticism to either of those books will receive a free copy of the book and acknowledgement in the books if and when it is published.

Thanks for reading this. Be sure to check out the links including social media. I have added a link for my new (as of the beginning of the year) YouTube channel, The Wandering Pen.

Farewell and write well.

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