The Happy Little Weed

Weeds! Gotta hate ‘em. I go out every Saturday morning and do battle against them. By the next Saturday, there they are again, grinning from leaf to leaf! What can I do?

Okay, if you think this is going to be another blog about how weeds are like sin and we need to pluck them out, think again. I don’t disagree with that notion, but this is a story about a happy little weed that appeared in our yard a few years ago.

When it first appeared, I didn’t notice. It was just a little clump of grass in the dirt next to the deck.

The next summer, it came back. This time the clump of grass had stalks in the center that reached up to the deck. Quite handsome. I cut it back after the summer but left it there to see what would happen.

The next year, it reached high enough to provide a backdrop for my profile picture.

I tried to trim it back this last year with the hard-plastic blade attachment on my weed whacker. It destroyed the blade before I was half-way through. I actually resorted to a Sawzall to finish the job.

This year may be its last. It’s already taller than me when I’m standing on the deck, and it’s still growing. Its base is so wide that we have the walk to the side of our path to get around it.

Once it dies off for the winter, I’ll trim it back again (chain saw?) and try to dig it up to transplant it where there’s more room. Maybe I’ll try to split it up so it can bring its joy to multiple parts of the yard.

So, what does my happy little, um, big weed have to do with anything? I think it’s a lot like life, especially this year.

Sometimes those little weeds in life pop up in places we don’t expect. That new friend or neighbor. That hobby you started out of boredom. That opportunity to change careers (because your current job disappeared). That nagging sense that there’s more to this life.

There’s a lot of things that seem like weeds that are choking your life when they start. Maybe they need to be pulled up at the roots. Maybe they don’t.

My point today is to stop and think before you yank that weed out.  Maybe it isn’t a weed but a healthy volunteer plant like our ornamental grass.

Maybe that person could become a life-long friend.

Maybe that opportunity could become a life changer.

Maybe that hobby could become a living.

Maybe that prayer could change your life.

If you want a little more joy, look for that happy little weed.

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