Writing About Disabilities: A Conversation with Felicia

My oldest daughter Felicia is disabled. I admit that is a term that I am not comfortable with. I like to think in terms like “challenged” or “differently abled”. The plain truth is, though you can’t tell by looking, she has medical conditions that severely limit her abilities.

She is also an author currently writing a novel with a main character that shares her disabilities.

She and I had a lengthy conversation about writing about disabilities as well as a little trivia contest about our mutual favorite author, Ted Dekker.

I somehow managed to brutally edit that conversation down to 23 minutes of the most important topics. This was my first attempt at using Zoom recording for a video so please excuse the less than stellar quality.

I should mention that Felicia and I have rather different world views. Differences aside, we can still learn from each other and have mutual respect and love for each other. I would even go further to say that we need to hear from people who differ from us in order to learn and grow.

I hope you learn something from this conversation. Feel free to take part in the conversation in the comments on the video. You can find it here.

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